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Capri Model

To tribute the Italian origin of our Svetis, we wanted to identify this exclusive collection with the
wonderful Gulf of Naples island. (All future collections will be named after islands and exclusive
places in the Adriatic) They are elegant and summerish. The material is pique washed.

Gadea Model

The collaboration with MARIA GADEA ATELIER, we have created this limited edition Svetis
model. It is constituted of a series of ten models, with antique textiles, carefully chosen one by one
and with a great history behind each one of them. Old remnants of Manuel’s workshop, and a great
silk craftsman for decades. Each and one of the textiles have been manually sewn with silk threads.
Each model obtains with only 6 Sveti pairs from the size 36 up to 41. We have never created such a
limited edition.

Nikola Model

The beautiful Montenegrino island, was a source of influence to create this model. We wanted to
create a classic model, with many colors and combinations. The material is 100% cotton velvet.

Korcula Model

We wanted to portray and represent the vivid colors, cheerful tones and esthetics of the Korkula
island, located in the Croat cost, thereby we decided to created two limited editions. The material is
printed cotton.

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