friulane amarillas


Born in Friuli, Italy. This model was used by the gondoliers to not damage the paint on the
gondolas. It became popular among the peasantry due to its simple design. A design that has become more sophisticated through the artisanal method with materials such as velvets, linens and silks of multiple colors and textures.
The rubber sole allowed the wood of the gondolas to not be damaged, and it also protected the gondolier’s foot from the water. Besides, this type of slipper keeps the foot warm in winter and cool in summer, acting as a thermal insulator.
It was said, back then, to be the favorite of the noble, as it did not create fiction on the ground, thereby, they were able to be silent and leave unnoticed during night time escapades.

Step by step, the Friulane have been gaining fame among leading people in the world of fashion.
They have grown to be the party shoes for those who do not want to wear heels, the shoes to go to work comfortably, but at the same time elegantly.

Overall, they have evolved into a shoe that you are able to wear on various occasions, and will most definitely and easily combine with any look you chose to wear.

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