¡Christmas is around the corner!

¡Christmas is around the corner!

sveti stefan venecianas

Born in Friuli, Italy. This model was used by the gondoliers to not damage the paint on the gondolas.

It became popular among the peasantry due to its simple design. A design that has become more sophisticated through the artisanal method with materials such as velvets, linens and silks of multiple colors and textures.

The rubber sole allowed the wood of the gondolas to not be damaged, and it also protected the gondolier’s foot from the water. Besides, this type of slipper keeps the foot warm in winter and cool in summer, acting as a thermal insulator.

This is how Sveti Stefan was born in 2020. A new brand of slippers and made in Spain, always with a contemporary design language to create elegant, simple and versatile pieces.
Sveti Stefan is inspired by the design of the Venetian Friulane.
Made in a traditional way, embellished with velvets or with colorful oriental silks. All sewn by hand.
They come from the peasant culture at the end of the Second World War, and were used by the gondoliers to avoid damaging the paint on the gondolas.